Down Memory Lane
Jimmy... This is YOUR LIFE ! A "MUST" Reed. Yep... Jimmy KNOWS the BAGPIPE ! Down Memory Lane
Jimmy did WHAT??!! Things you DIDN'T know about James Haddow McIntosh!  The 4 "F's"... From Family, Friends and Fans !


Here's a trip down Memory Lane for you.

Over 90 years of wonderful and cherished memories !

It is the hope of those involved with this tribute, that you are touched by these memories and that you are reminded of what a cherished life you have lived !

These images start from when you were a wee lad...up until present time and include family, friends, and many of the "happenings" in your Professional and Personal life which have made this tribute...what it is.

"The Early Years" photos are already displayed below. To view your " Action Photos" , click on the " Blow Your Own Horn " link to the right of Early Years. To view photos of Family, Fun Times and Vacation photos including your most recent Globe Trotting in South Africa and other exciting places, click Family,Friends and Fun ! We hope these bring back cherished memories !