Jimmy did WHAT??!! Things you DIDN'T know about James Haddow McIntosh!

Jimmy...you know, and all of the visitors to this site know what your legacy is, and we all now know of many of your accomplishments !

But...inquiring minds might want to know some things about you that we might find SURPRISING or simply interesting ?

Because you're such a care free guy, and because you are a GIVER and because you love to please OTHERS.....and.......because you might be on your 3rd glass of wine by this page...we decided to share some of the "unknown" about you, knowing that you'd be a good sport and allow us in to a part of your life that most of us are not aware of !

Thanks for allowing us a more "personal" view in to

YOUR LIFE, Jimmy !

Jimmy will be the COVER MODEL on an UPCOMING 2021 Issue of

Kilty Pleasures magazine !

 Jimmy "opens up" and reveals much of what he's been keeping secret all these years!

Check your newsstand soon !

Jimmy is an HONORABLE man, and actually lost a bet back in the 90's. The wager was...if Jimmy lost the bet...he would have to play his Bagpipe on a VERY windy day...without his undies.

 A passerby, while covering her small childrens' eyes, snapped this photo then called the Police.The Police arrived, and as Jimmy's luck would have it, the Chief of Police was a fan of Jimmy's...and let him off without any consequence.

Jimmy has written a book, and an Evolution Scientist who is a fan of Jimmy's music, reached out to Jimmy and asked for HIS thoughts on Evolution.

This...was Jimmy's offering.


OK, Jimmy, we had a little bit of fun at your expense...but here are some actual facts about you that some may not be aware of !

His father threw Jimmy and his brother off the end of a pier when they were

young, thinking this would teach them how to swim. To this day, neither of

them can swim. BUT, they both love boating!


He had a greenhouse in Scotland, where he nurtured flowers and tomatoes.


He used to make jewelry as a sideline.


He and a buddy used to repair cars to earn a bit of extra money.


He has worked as a bookbinder, an insurance agent, an engineer for NCR, a

reedmaker, a pipe chanter designer, and an agent for acquiring and reselling

antique bagpipes, as well as teaching piping in the public schools of Scotland,

and Carnegie Mellon University. Jimmy also wrote numerous published articles and a book, with another one currently in the works !


Jimmy’s favorite vegetable is Brussels Sprouts.


His favorite meal is fish and chips………failing the availability of that, fish of any



He grew wonderful, juicy tomatoes in the great soil of Western PA.


Jimmy broke his finger while playing vigorous racquetball with Joyce. He never

set foot on a racquetball court after that!


He took up golf, as an octogenarian.


Jimmy is QUITE the Ballroom DANCER !


We vowed for most of our married lives that we would “never have a dog.” Now,

Jimmy (and all of us) would be lost without our beloved Skye!


He has used over the years: a huge reel-to- reel tape recorder, a large desktop

cassette recorder, a mini cassette recorder, a CD recorder, a mini CD recorder, a

desktop computer, a TracFone, two iPhones, two iPads, and now has a

Facebook page!!!!!

If any of you visitors have any interesting bits of info about Jimmy

that you'd want to share...

feel free to send them to Rob@MountainMotivatedMarketing.com !!!!

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