Jimmy... This is YOUR LIFE ! A "MUST" Reed. Yep... Jimmy KNOWS the BAGPIPE ! Down Memory Lane
Jimmy did WHAT??!! Things you DIDN'T know about James Haddow McIntosh!  The 4 "F's"... From Family, Friends and Fans !
Jimmy McIntosh.... THIS is YOUR LIFE !

This living tribute is being presented to you with the love and admiration of your wife, Joyce and many friends across the globe.

With the help from Joyce and your many well wishers, a compilation of photos and information has been put together so that visitors to this site can know more about you not only professionally, but personally.

We goWAY back, Jimmy !

So, sit back, and enjoy the ride you are about to go on which chronicles your life across the many miles and destinations.

From the time you were born, to your most recent globe trotting adventures, you will be able to re-visit the past GLORIOUS 90+ years in the comfort of your home, with loved ones close by, at any time you desire.

It's all here, and this tribute is being presented to you with more love and admiration than these words can express !

Buckle up...and enjoy the ride !

Then, look at Joyce and realize, as you already do, what an amazing wife and life partner you have.

Joyce was instrumental in making this happen ! can look at her now and ask her...

" How in the world did THIS happen without me knowing " ?

She can explain later.

But isn't that why you love her ?

She has brought SO much joy in to your life and she has been right beside you on this AMAZING ride called life, ever since you took her as your beautiful bride back on that momentous 24th day of November, 1984.

1984 !!!

That was over 3 DECADES ago !

So much happened BEFORE then...and so much has happened SINCE then.

Let's reminisce a bit...shall we ?

For example...this all started back in 1925 when you were born in Broughty Ferry, Scotland.

The world should have known right away what would become of you, as your "Scottish Buttocks" was smacked at birth,

 and you let out a very prolonged High "G" !

Yep, from that first winded cry that rippled across the Firth of Tay, and was also heard in Dundee, The Good Lord knew

that THOSE lungs needed to be put to good use !

And while they WERE put to good use fighting with your brothers and sisters from time to time, it was at the age of 14 with some help from your Dad that you made a decision which would be life changing.

You enlisted in the Cameron Highlanders and served for 10 years while having the privilege of studying and learning from legendary teachers, not realizing at the time, that YOU would become a legend to others.

You excelled at your passion, and the awards and recognition became constant and awe inspiring.

The ACTUAL awards !

You graced the United States with your presence and residence in 1982, and shortly thereafter married Joyce, who is enjoying this Tribute moment with you. You can probably feel her breath on your neck as she is situated close to you right now. NO place she'd rather be.

As your teaching and influence made Carnegie Mellon University better than it already was, your legend continued to grow, along with the requests from many who sought YOU and YOUR talents so that they too, could learn to make the beautiful music you live for.

You were the BEST at what you did.

Everyone knew this to be the case. were always humble.

You STILL are to this day.

You went about your professional and personal life with a dignified, statesmanlike yet "The nice neighbor next door" attitude,

which has won over the hearts of those who feel privileged enough to have met you.

You'll be hearing from some of them shortly.

"WHAT", you ask ? and friends will be making an appearance on this website...and they'll let you know...

" You done good

 Jimmy " !

You were and ARE a GREAT TEACHER.


You were and are a man who EXUDES  "likability"..and you have a tangible aura surrounding  you,

 whereby people just "want to be around you".

Do you know how special that is ?

People just WANT and LIKE to BE AROUND YOU !

You were and ARE a GREAT Father.

You were and ARE a GREAT Mentor.

You were and are a GREAT friend.

You are a GREAT Husband.

You are WORTHY of this TRIBUTE !

In your 90+ years of life, you've been the recipient of much praise and you have been honored numerous times.

ALL of us who took part in this Tribute to you...well...WE feel honored and truly BLESSED to have you in our lives.

So...SOAK IT UP Jimmy !

THIS is your life...and at THIS moment in life, we're "makin' a fuss over YOU " !


Now that the reality has set in, and you realize that there is a LOT of info waiting on the following pages, including numerous photos and video well wishes and written well wishes from friends and family...maybe now would be a good time for you to go and get yourself a nice glass of the red wine you love so that you can sit back...and ENJOY what's waiting for you !

Actually, you won't have to move at all.


If that glass of Vino sounds like a good idea...nod your head in approval, and we'll all probably have to fight each other to see who runs and gets it for you !

Jimmy...this is YOUR life...but WE ALL feel that our life has been BETTER, because we know YOU !