Jimmy McIntosh...
A TRIBUTE to Excellence

Welcome to JimmyMcIntosh.Net !

Join us as we raise our glass and toast the amazing life of an amazing man,

James Haddow McIntosh.

Jimmy lives life to the fullest, as is evident from this photo.

A glass of wine with dinner in Iceland ?


A glass of wine AND a cold beer is more Jimmy's style !

So, feel free to grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this journey which chronicles some highlights of Jimmy's remarkable life.


* If you are currently looking at this page on your cell phone, we ask that you wait until you can be in front of your laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

A conscious decision has been made to NOT make a mobile version of this tribute website.

This is living tribute to a legendary man, and the feeling is that this tribute should be viewed in the same manner in which Jimmy has lived his life, which is LARGE!

This site contains Video's and Photos and elements which should be viewed in a more dramatic, cosmetically pleasing and DESERVING manner. It almost feels that this tribute would be cheapened if it were to be viewed on a small phone with a screen measuring just a few inches.

Those involved in this project voted unanimously that this was the right choice, and we hope you understand and will enjoy this site as it is intended !

Jimmy, we LOVE you and THIS is for YOU !