Yep... Jimmy KNOWS the BAGPIPE!

How many people on this planet can claim that they have been recognized as being the ABSOLUTE BEST....THE VERY BEST IN THE anything ?


A select few.


YOU...have been recognized as the BEST Bagpipe Player in the world.

Those you have taught, have also earned TOP HONORS, and they credit YOU and your teaching, as the reason why.

You have received the KEYS to City's in different parts of the world.

Mayors have given you medals.

Again, the awards and recognitions are too many to list.


You were even honored by Her Majesty the Queen.


( Please allow a moment for us mere peasants to sigh, and reflect on our boring existence )

Not that you need to be reminded..........but here is just a PARTIAL list of some of the well earned and deserved awards attached to your name and career.

Go ahead......ask Joyce to pour you some more wine.

This list is WORTHY of a toast and a sip !


Having fun yet ?

Let's take a trip down Memory Lane !



You've done it all !

You've won just about every award there is to win.

And some of've won MULTIPLE times !

If this page was to list EVERY award and honor that has been bestowed upon you, the internet would CRASH !

There has been THAT much...WELL DESERVED recognition directed your way !

There are more than what was listed, and that doesn't include the MANY awards you would get from the "common folk" who would want to award you for simply being a GOOD man...a GREAT FRIEND...a RELIABLE neighbor...and an all around UNIQUE guy !

Click the + sign below and to the right, for an IMPRESSIVE Chronological Slideshow List of AWARDS !
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